The need existed for a ASP CMMS Software package that could be run simply by opening up your web browser. We found a commercial package that cost more than $10,000 (including updates, installation and modifications), so we set out to design our own CMMS software.

Runs on your internal network, your website or a stand alone computer!

Free Maintenance Software

This Free CMMS software, as many other free packages we have released, was done so because we found a need for a CMMS package to manage our facility. It seemed that wherever we turned, outrageous fees were charged.

Perhaps this was because we were looking for a CMMS application that could be accessed using only a web browser and only from within our company.

The solution was simply to design and develop our own CMMS software. Understanding that others are likely having the same difficulty finding similar CMMS packages, we decided to release our software free of charge. Our CMMS license agreement is located here for your review.

Among other items, the CMMS license agreement prohibits changing the code, reselling the software, rebranding or redistributing the software without written authorization from us. This agreement prevents others from profiting from our efforts.

Feel free to download our Free CMMS and give it a shot. If you have questions, comments or concerns, contact us at

CMMS Access Levels

This Free CMMS software is built with all the features we found missing in your standard computerized maintenance management system; open source, free and runs on your internal network! It's a snap to install and can help you manage your equipment in such a way that cost savings become abundantly clear.